Simple Word Press Solution

This is a shout out to a wonderful wordpress club that I have found as of early this year. 

I only write about things that I personally can vouch for, and when I had a few clients that needed sites fast and a certain style, I had tried other clubs but found that was fantastic for exactly what I need. They have wonderful service, with very quick resolutions. A vibrant community. Awesome framework where they will give you an amazing guide to learn.

The have the simplest way of making their templates or for that mater I suppose any other templates work and that would be their builder.  Builder is so simple, it is literally drag and drop and can save your a ton of time. It has pretty much everything you need, from Buttons to a Slider. 

The pricing is pretty solid too. Here is a link with more details.  Basically for their themes you can buy one for 49 dollars and get a year of support or for 30 dollars more at 79 you have access to all of their themes and honestly I always feel that is the better deal, but then again it really does depend on what you need it for. I always have a few side project where I need different looks and styles so that is what worked for me. 

Even with as great customer service and support as has, some times you just want to learn and do things on your own. If that is the case you can always reference the standard for the web W3Schools and if you need more hands on sign up with Codecademy. These are the resources that I use when I have to learn how to tweak some css or maybe even php to get wordpress to do exactly what I want.